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Enhancing Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate nutritionist
Corporate Wellbeing in Surrey, London and Virtually


Establishing a healthier lifestyle through nutrition is a cornerstone for fostering optimal health, ultimately leading to heightened employee performance and morale.

In the UK, the average employer loses 6 days and £692 per employee annually due to sickness, absenteeism, and reduced productivity costing companies £30 billion per annum (2019) 13.8 million working days are lost through poor diet in relation to absenteeism.

I offer a variety of wellbeing services including:


Workplace Nutrition Workshops and Webinars:

Delivering educational, and interactive sessions, I aim to motivate employees to make impactful yet straightforward changes to their diet and lifestyle, fostering better health, energy, and performance at work.

These workshops can be presented on specific topics or as part of a series, featuring:

  • On-site or virtual 60-minute interactive sessions often conducted as "Lunch and Learn" sessions.

  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations along with meal suggestions.

  • Employee handouts.

Pop-up Nutrition Clinics

I provide personalised nutrition advice through private 20-minute consultations, enabling employees to discuss their nutrition goals and receive tailored guidance for supporting their health and productivity. These sessions can be conducted in person or online.



Canteen Review

I offer nutritional consultancy for corporate canteens, ensuring menus maximise nutritional benefits for employees. This includes:

  • Nutritional analysis of the corporate canteen food.

  • Report and recommendations.

  • Collaboration with canteen staff to develop new menus.

Popular Workshops Include..
Corporate nutritionist

Food for Optimum Energy

Focuses on key nutrition tips to boost energy and concentration levels.

Food, Mood, And Positive Wellbeing

Concentrates on foods supporting a positive outlook, aiming to balance mood, increase motivation, and reduce stress.

Food For Sleep

Integrates nutrition and sleep hygiene advice to optimise sleep for enhanced energy, concentration, and mood.

Heart Health

Essential workshop for those seeking to reduce heart disease risk through simple dietary changes.

Meal Planning

Provides practical meal ideas for busy employees, offering guidance on optimal choices for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and drinks.

Intuitive Eating

Learning a mindful and holistic way of nourishing your body, focusing on internal cues like hunger and satisfaction rather than external factors.

I am also open to customising workshops and packages according to your specific requirements.

Take the first step towards a healthier and more engaged workforce by partnering with me today.


Contact me to enquire and schedule personalised workshops, webinars, or consultations tailored to your team's needs.

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