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Meet Caroline


Caroline is a an award-winning HCPC registered dietitian and nutritionist in Ewell, Epsom, Kingston and further afield, with vast experience working for the NHS in both community and acute settings and the private sector.

Caroline is passionate about food and nutrition and the role it plays in optimising health and wellbeing. She offers holistic and practical individualised dietetic care and ongoing support to help you achieve your goals. Her areas of expertise include weight management, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and plant-based diets.

Caroline offers...


1:1 remote and face-to-face consultations and individually tailored meal guides.

Initial Consultation

1 hour appointment consisting of an assessment of your current diet and advice individually tailored to you.

Follow-up Consultation

30-45 minute appointment to review the current plan and make changes accordingly. 

Individually Tailored Meal Guide

Calculated energy and macronutrient requirements with detailed information about portion sizes and meal and snack suggestions.



"Caroline has absolutely changed my life and given me a completely different perspective on healthy eating. 100% recommend!"



"I approached Caroline as I have been wanting professional guidance on healthy living as I want to lose weight. Right from the start Caroline has been quick to respond and give information via email and phone. I found that Caroline wasn’t at all pushy or assertive and genuinely showed an interest in me and wanted to help.

My time with Caroline (4 one hour Skype sessions) have been nothing but pleasant! She is a fountain of knowledge and has truly set me on the right path. Within the the 6 weeks of working with Caroline I have lost 8lb which is amazing and I know I will continue to lose weight with the knowledge I have learnt from our sessions.

Caroline had lots of activities and factsheets which I found useful and sent me all the information afterward. I could tell she had spent time and effort in making my personalised plan which has been tailored specifically to me. She was always at the end of the phone or email if I ever had any questions or queries.

Caroline has been accommodating and flexible to my schedule and has changed times of meetings with ease to fit in with my lifestyle. I feel very lucky that I found such a lovely and caring person who made things simple for me and has given me a great start to healthy living.

Thank you!"



"I enjoyed working with Caroline. She was able to give me detailed advice about my diabetic/vegetarian diet that other professionals had been unable to provide. I highly recommend her. Thank you!"



"Caroline has helped me to improve my diet after going vegan. I now have more energy and feel confident knowing my diet is well-balanced"



"I must say Caroline has been of great value to me. Caroline is a very effective teacher and it is thanks to her that I am now on the right path."



"Caroline has really helped me to manage my IBS symptoms. I have suffered for years and was apprehensive to ask for help but Caroline made me feel at ease and was really supportive. She put me on the low FODMAP diet which I had initially thought would be too challenging but she made it easy to follow and help me to ensure my diet was balanced whilst following it. I can't recommend her enough."