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Happy New Year!

New year diet

Well it’s better late than never as we have already had one whole day of 2023. Have you decided on any resolutions? Does anyone ever keep these? In my house we don't do resolutions but we are making a few changes that we know are realistic and will be long lasting. If you have a nutrition goal this year, then remember that making positive changes doesn't mean you have to turn your entire world around so you won’t be able to manage your diet and life with your family and lifestyle. Even just three small changes can make a HUGE impact. In fact, one change can also be enough. It could be as simple as :

  • Eat breakfast every day

  • Have at least one piece of fruit a day

  • Try using more vegetables in your every day recipes

  • Meatless Monday

  • Try meal planning

  • Have the kids “in charge” of one meal a week

So think about it, what is one change that you and your family can implement that will make a huge impact on your year to come? I’d love to hear them. Happy New Year! Caroline :)

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